Within this page, I am gonna explain various things regarding this website.


Hello, and welcome to 📔 Books 📚.

Me, Adli Hadiyan Munif, 02 February 2021.
I am Adli Hadiyan Munif, known as Adli, the owner and the one who runs this website. I currently live in Padang, Indonesia.

About This Website

📔 Books 📚 (read: Books), is a website where I am gonna share reviews and recommendations regarding “books”.

With this aim, I wanna share "ordinary people's point of view", which probably could help people discover interesting media to enjoy. Aside, I wanna spread various forms of media that are probably not discovered yet or buried and yet to be found by the public. Also, I would like that by reading the contents in this website, visitors could find a pure and raw, yet honest review, which I think quite rare to be found in this age.



As for now, my plan is to make each content at least in one language (English or Indonesian), and possibly could be in two languages, if it's possible to do so.


As for now, the only author is me. Which means, every post on this website is written by me, and no one else is helping as an author(s). I do have plans to include more author(s), if it's possible, and only if I could pay them later on, as it's definitely hard to make contents and write 'em up like this.

Sponsored Contents

If this website is able to receive any sponsored content in the future, I think I will stick to my principle to provide a pure-raw-yet-honest review like I stated above. Please head to Reach Me page for further discussion with me.

Ads and Monetizations

Too much could kill.
Well, I know and understand that ads are huge and quite important especially as a passive source of income. I understand too that if used and applied effectively, it will be a great tool to use. Yet, at the same time, in this age, it seems like ads are used excessively, which in the end annoyed and threw people away from enjoying the contents.

So, with this thought in mind, I decided to not include any ads on this domain of mine, but I placed widgets (for support or donation) on the bottom-corners and in the Reach Me page. I know that this is probably not a wise decision, but... I don't think I wanna flood my domain with ads-after-ads, as the main purpose of this domain is to share contents, and not as my active source of income.


In short, scoring or personal rating will consists in five categories, which is:

😄👍🏻 So Good

This will range from 81 to 100 pts.

😀 Quite Good

This will range from 61 to 80 pts.

🙂 Hmm.........

This will range from 41 to 60 pts.

😐 Quite Bad

This will range from 21 to 40 pts.

☹️ So Bad...

This will range from 00 to 20 pts.

Each of these scoring or personal rating could be tallied from each section, or just a single one near the end of post.

Content Rating

To rate the contents of any post(s), I adapt MPAA rating, and aim to give advice to the viewer(s) in the beginning of the post(s). So the viewer(s) could grasp a brief understanding about any content(s) that they will read. The rating will consists from:

No One 17 and Under Admitted (NC-17)

No One 17 and Under Admitted, or usually shown as NC-17, means that the content is suitable only for people aged no less than 17.

Restricted (R)

Restricted (R), is for contents that are suitable for people aged under 17, but requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Parental Guidance - 13 (PG-13)

Parental Guidance - 13, or usually shown as PG-13, means that the content is not fully suitable for children under 13. Parents, urged to be cautious for this category.

Parental Guidance (PG)

Parental Guidance, or PG, means that some material may not be suitable for children. Parents urged to give "parental guidance".

General (G)

General, or G, means that all ages can consume this content(s).

Not Rated (NR)

Not Rated (NR), means that the contents has not been submitted for a rating, or an uncut version.

Unrated (UR)

Unrated (UR), means that the contents has not been submitted for a rating, or an uncut version.

I will try to include content rating in the beginning of posts, at least through labels which can be seen at the end of each post. Also, to decide this rating, I am gonna combine my understanding of the media, and from professional rating which can be derived from public sites (e.g. IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia, and such). All of these aims to give more understanding to the visitor(s) of this website.

Web Building


To build this website, I use Google Domains, with Blogger as a platform. Then for the theme, I used Webium Blogger Theme, which can be found here, or here.


Then, to optimise and suit my needs, I tweaked and included various features from various owners or creators or developers. Here is list of tweaks that I used to built this website:

Without these features (along with Webium theme above), I don't think, this website could be built like this, and finally ready to be populated with contents.



Desktop version of this website has quite different features on the left side. There is a floating area, which includes description or short summary area, Table of Contents (ToC), and widgets to share the post.


As for the mobile version, due to my limited ability, I still have no idea on how to include ToC without breaking the contents in the mobile version, so it will only have the share widgets in the most-top area, and most-bottom area of each post.


For this website, I used two tracking tools, in the form of analytics, which is Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity. This tracking is used only to store data from visitors such as, location, date and time, recording on how visitors used the website, any dead or broken features in this website, and probably other useful purposes too. All of this data will only be used to optimise the website, and have no other meaning as all of this data is anonymous and didn't store any name explicitly (as far as I understand it correctly).

Support or Reach or Contact

If you want to support me, you could share any post(s) on this website. Or you could donate to me through these buttons on the bottom-corners or through the Reach Me page. You could also reach me through any platforms I am available listed on that page.

Other Sites

As for now, I divided my domain into three main areas:

Closing Statement and More Explanation

I think that covers everything that I wanted to explain for this website. I hope this could give a clear understanding of what kind of website this is.

Thank you for reading till this point, and have a nice day.
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Adli Hadiyan Munif.